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Embarking on a Design Odyssey

Embarking on the design journey with Kitchen Gallery Birmingham, is akin to navigating through an odyssey of aesthetic and practical perfection. Our illustrious brand partners are the co-creators in this journey, where every curve, contour, and hue of your kitchen unfolds a tale of sophistication, echoing the epitome of bespoke kitchen design synonymous with German esteemed craftsmanship. This narrative is a harmonious blend of creation, expertise, and a deep-seated understanding of your unique preferences, ensuring that the heart of your home is a true reflection of your aesthetic and functional desires. The design journey is not merely a process; it’s an experience, a story where your dreams are the central characters, and every chapter unfolds with a promise of something exquisite. Explore the epitome of designer kitchens in the heart of Birmingham with us, where your vision transforms into a tangible reality.


Do you have a client in mind that requires a kitchen interior specialist? Please get in touch and see how we can work together on your new project?

Interior Designer

Do you have the client and vision in mind, but need help on specifying the kitchen element? Get in touch and we can help!


Are you beginning work on a new home, extension, or renovation? See how we can help with your project!


Since the founding of SieMatic in 1929, they have championed the same idea – to develop exemplary kitchens. They strive to set the standard in the variety of different planning options, elegant design, precision workmanship and the use of high-quality materials. Since 1987, Kitchen Gallery has shared this journey with SieMatic – working together to produce inspiring kitchen interiors.

Our Design Journey

1. Showroom experience

When you book a visit our award winning showrooms you will introduced into the world of Kitchen Gallery and SieMatic – you will meet one of SieMatic trained academy designers who will guide you through the design process to create your own bespoke luxury space.

Design Consultation
2. Design consultation

Do you already have plans for your project? Why not book a design consultation where we can begin the process of creating your bespoke kitchen interior concepts? You will be booked in with a Senior Designer who will talk you through all the options Kitchen Gallery has to offer.

Innovative Functionality
3. Home Survey

Are you carrying out a home renovation? Is the space existing where you are looking at creating your dream kitchen? Book for a Senior Designer to come out to your home to accurately measure up the space and begin the process of realising your dream home.

Luxury Kitchens

Unveiling Aesthetic Narratives

Immerse in an arena where culinary aspirations find their profound expression at Kitchen Gallery. Having completed ambitious projects in Birmingham and across the country, we orchestrate an enthralling expedition into the heart of designer kitchens. Our haven of refined aesthetics unveils a narrative where form, functionality, and genuine innovation are protagonists in the tale of creating a sublime culinary haven. The journey, from the spark of imagination to the realisation of a feat of design, is a voyage through a world of aesthetic delight, each phase revealing new vistas of design possibilities, making every moment an anticipation of the wonders to come. It’s not merely about kitchens; it’s about orchestrating a unique experience that echoes with sophistication and endless possibilities.

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