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Why SieMatic?

SieMatic was originally founded in 1929 – and since then has driven for timeless elegance. They strive to set the standard in variety of planning options, elegant design, precision workmanship and the use of high-quality materials. SieMatic revolutionised the Kitchen industry with the introduction of the concept of handle free kitchens in 1960 – and since then has continued to innovate design concepts that impact and influence modern life.


Minimalism in its most beautiful form
When it comes to minimalism, the biggest challenge is leaving the right things out to focus on the essentials. The kitchen and room concepts in the PURE style collection are the perfect embodiment of this art. They do not need opulence to impress. Nothing decorative to catch the eye. They stand back, gently underline the room’s spatial effect, integrate themselves into the architecture. Thanks to extensive, handle-free surfaces and forms, discrete colours, atmospheric lighting, and concealed functionality. The PURE collection never wants to be more than it is: simply perfect.


An oasis of peace

Cities are loved for their cosmopolitan flair, cultural diversity, and inspiring momentum – characteristics that also gave the URBAN collection its name. The room concepts created with it are open-minded in the truest sense. Freestanding pieces allow for flexible, almost intuitive planning. Surprising elements like a herb garden and the open design highlight the conscious, unconventional lifestyle of its owners. The kitchen becomes a customised oasis of well-being, with plenty of room for your own ideas.


Tradition meets modern

Opposites do not just attract. Skilfully combined, they create something new, something extraordinary. The CLASSIC collection masters the creative composition of different style elements to perfection. It unites traditional forms with modern surfaces and marries elegant colours with metal, glass, and stone. Light and dark, matte and gloss, delicate and solid – in this collection, there is no “or”. Just harmonious “why not?”



For drawers and pull-outs

When we talk about outstanding kitchen design, we also mean the harmonious interplay of outside and inside. After all, beneath surfaces, behind doors and pull-outs hides the valuable essence of a SieMatic: The interior design systems. Impressive in terms of both beauty and intelligence. With a harmonious selection of materials and exceptional quality. But above all, an intricate passion for detail. Perhaps not perceptible at first sight, but unmistakable every single day. After all, only when used does the meticulous care, durability and expertise that distinguish our interior design systems become apparent.


For tall, wall and base cabinets

Life constantly evolves, requirements and demands change. Children’s crockery and baby bottles give way to elegant, new glasses. Or the kitchen adapts to include a home office. We cannot foresee what life will bring us next. But with the SieMatic interior design system, we can do everything possible to ensure your kitchen is perfectly prepared for whatever life has in store for you. From drawer and pull-out interiors to the variable MultiMatic system in cabinets and on the inside of cabinet doors. Conceived and developed exclusively by SieMatic, the systems can also be changed, supplemented, and combined – even years later. For more flexibility in the kitchen.


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