SKG Group is SBID Accredited

With COVID-19 forcing people to stay home, the home improvement industry has seen an influx of homeowners seeking to improve their residences or to boost a properties value. While this is fantastic and a great outlet to utilise the spare time on hand it has to be stated that there is a significant distinction between amateur and profession designers.

The age of social media has allowed people to present their projects and showcase the progress of their decoration and renovation. However, as a non-regulated profession, consumers can be misled by hobbyists, while well-intentioned, cannot deliver on bigger scale projects that require a professional approach.

This is why we have gone through the process of becoming accredited by Society of British and International Interior Design. The Society of British and International Interior Design (SBID) created trading standards that recognised knowledge and education needed to be a professional interior designer. SBID is the leading British professional accrediting body and representative of global interior design, supporting professional trading standards for UK interior designers, architects and manufacturers.

SBID’s broad membership network comprises extraordinary design and industry professionals across the commercial and residential sectors, presenting its annual SBID International Design Awards to further champion the industry and promote design talent throughout the profession.

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SKG Group is SBID Accredited